You have a story. Let us bring your story to life. An Identity Film is a documentary of your life that we co-create with you. Your film can include the people in your family, your partner, your children and grandchildren, your loved ones, best friends and pets. You will always be a presence in their lives and they will know who you are when you give them an Identity Film.

Our people are passionate storytellers, embracing each personal film as an opportunity to create something unique for you. We produce high-end creative content that will surpass your expectations.

We can create a full length documentary or a series of short films that capture different parts of your life.

What Happens Next

We film on-site at the location of your choosing. We are professionals. We arrive with our lighting and recording equipment to provide you with the most flattering setting. We're experts in interviewing. We make it fun for you to work with us. We understand production and equipment equally, blending the best of both. We do our own In-House Editing for exceptional results. Through this process, the picture of your life comes into focus.

Include people that can help you tell your story, the people who know you best. Tell stories of the things you have done together, the work you have done and the journeys you have taken. Show yourself.

Give us your family videos and photographs to be included in your film, your College and University Diplomas and Certificates. Include mementos such as newspaper reviews, coverage of any awards or military medals you have acquired.

We deliver our final work to you via Flash Drive, DVD or Blu-ray disc, etc.

The unedited complete footage from your interview sessions will always be available. Remember, your film can be updated to remain current using the archival footage we retain on your behalf. Change it up!

You'll be surprised how rewarding an experience it can be.

Free Consultation

Get in touch with us. Let's find out what you need and explore if we're a good fit.

Send our Producer Jeanne Shanahan an email now or call her at (908) 578-4727.

Privacy and Confidentiality

You retain all the rights and ownership for all materials given to us and any films we produce about you. We honor your privacy. When we produce an Identity Film for you, you will have access to our work via a private section on our website. We have a private portal on our website where you can login and privately view the work in progress and the finished film. You can also give a private link to anyone with whom you want to share your film privately.